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UK - Turkey freight services continue to grow

Feb 2017 - But despite Sterling weakening, the gap between Import and Export volumes has widened.

Despite Sterling’s volatility in recent months, trade volumes on UK-Turkey services are continuing to grow, but the gap between import and export volumes has widened further.

It said Turkey was expanding both as a market for British products and a major supplier to the UK regardless of the uncertainties brought about by current developments and future changes in the UK’s trade relations with the wider world. 

But while overall volumes of traffic continue to increase, the gap between imports from Turkey into the UK and exports from the UK to Turkey continues to widen despite recent Sterling weakness against the Euro, although that may yet boost exports in the medium term.

It is believed Turkey will remain a major supplier to the UK market through the next few years of the re-negotiation process, which may yet culminate in a British association agreement with the EU similar to that which Turkey negotiated several decades ago.

Over recent years, Turkey has developed into an established and trusted supplier to UK retailers, wholesalers and traders.

Door-to-door overland, express, air freight, and direct sea containers are all available, opening up a wide range of choices for customers – and, moreover, the flexibility to switch rapidly from one type of service to another as circumstances dictate.

Traffic can be routed via Turkey to Northern Iraq and there are plans to further develop services to Kazakhstan following improvements to rail links in Central Asia connecting with both China and Europe.